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Before we started the service with Sierra Vista Exterminators, we had a big problem with Black Widows and Cockroaches and now we have nothing, everything is cleared and great.  We love the service and recommend it to anybody out there.

Nick Flores – Las Flores Winery – Terra Bella

I just want to tell you how little I have to clean spider webs in my house.  I have a 2 story house with a tall Foyer, I think its 20 feet high and I used to have to clean that with an Extension rod and a hairy brush and I don’t have near the spider webs up there now, in fact very few and it’s because I use Sierra Vista Exterminators coming out – Thanks.

Pat Akins – Home Maker – Bookkeeper – Strathmore

Sierra Vista Exterminators is a reputable reliable company.  The owners are trustworthy, hard working, and conscientious people.  You can depend on them to do their work efficiently in a most professional way.

Ken & Louise Saylor – Retired Teachers – Springville

Gene Day, Sierra Vista Exterminators has been spraying my properties for many years, my office and my home included.  He has come back out if I need him on a whim he has always been here.  My wife is deathly afraid of mice so anytime she see’s a mouse she wants to call Sierra Vista Exterminators and that’s the truth.  I have computer equipment in my office and computers and bugs don’t get along and I have no bugs in my office, they have been taking care of me for many many years and will for many many more.  So I give this man my highest recommendation.  Thank you.

Rick Marain – Marain’s income Tax Specialists – Porterville

Sierra Vista Exterminators has been doing real good work for over 2 years now and I’m so glad to have them and I hope they are able to come around a long time here and I really thank them for it.

Mary Ann Mulvihill – Retired – Porterville

We had one of the big national companies and had a lot of problems, we would find lots of  Live spiders and black widows around the house  we decided to switch To Sierra Vista on the recommendation of a friend and  since that time we haven’t really had any pest problems, never see anymore black widows, see dead bugs lying all around which we didn’t see before.  We like dealing with someone who owns the company, the other company would change employees a lot, so you never knew who was coming.  Sierra Vista always does a good job and we highly recommend them.

Charlie Crissman – Auto Body Shop Foreman – Porterville

Gene and Kim Day of Sierra Vista Exterminators are not only Professional people but also our friends. We have been customers of Sierra Vista Exterminators since they went into business for themselves. Gene sprayed our home prior to that time; Gene and Kim are dependable hardworking people. They are always concerned about giving the best service possible. We really appreciate their outstanding service and especially their caring ways.

Dee Sahlberg – Retired – Porterville

Gene Day has been doing our pest control for a long time.  He started taking care of our place out on Lime while he was still working for another company.  When we moved into town on River Springs Ave. he came along with us because of his reliability and friendship.  When he started his own company we stayed with him because of his excellent service, dedication and friendship.  Anytime we needed something he was there.  When Kim Day started attending to our pest control needs it was business as usual, very professional but also very friendly.  Anytime we call she or Gene are there.  We have always been pleased with their service and always recommend them to anyone who has a pest control need.

Ray & June Glass – Retired – Porterville

Gene has been doing our Pest Control Service for  the last 4 years or so.  He does a good job and is very dependable and we always  know he will be there.  Recently we had a problem with Yellow Jackets and he helped us set up some bait stations and within just a very few days  the meat bees were no longer a problem – they were just gone!  We really appreciate it and would suggest that anyone looking for a pest control company consider Sierra Vista Exterminators.

Joe & Carol Juarez – Retired – Springville

Here in the Mountains it is hard to find service people who will actually show up and do what they say.  Gene shows up on schedule with a smile and is great to work with.  I have referred a couple of other customers to him and, true to his word, he gave me a referral bonus!   I was really surprised when I got those $2 Bills,  I didn’t even know they made them anymore.  Sierra Vista Exterminators is a great company and I will continue to recommend them to my friends.

Vicky Collins – Camp Nelson

Sierra Vista Exterminators has been providing my Pest Control Service for the last 2 years and I am very happy with their service. Gene always does an excellent job and he gets along great with my dogs and that is important to me. Sometimes he brings his son to help with the spider webs too.   I recommend him to anybody because he does a great job and has a very reasonable price and we see the results.

Georgetta Finley – Porterville

I just want to say that since we have had Sierra Vista Exterminators we have had the best care and have not had any problems.  Gene is nice and friendly really good at what he does we are very pleased so I recommend that you get Sierra Vista  for your pest control

Marry Barrios – Porterville

We really enjoy the personal service that Sierra Vista gives us.  I consider Gene  a personal friend of ours and he has shown us favor and has helped us anytime we needed him.  I Really appreciate everything he has done for our family and for our bug needs.

Karry Paulin – Porterville

My dogs were always getting ticks from the yard and I would pick off up to 15 ticks a day.  I had Sierra Vista come out and after the very fist visit we have had no more ticks on our dogs..  I really thought it would take several visits to get rid of them so I was very pleased that they were gone the first time.

Louis – Terra Bella

I can’t say enough about Gene being a pest control expert. No matter what kind of bug I have had He has killed them.  He has came right away out on extra calls any time I have needed him.   He has absolutely cured my house of mice.  I think he is a pest control expert and can’t be compared to any one else.  He’s the best.

Bonnie Jensen – Springville

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